3 Reasons Why Practically Zero 6 Figure Coaches Get To 7 Figures
by Ryan Magdziarz

Would you like to know the 3 reasons why practically zero 6 Figure Coaches get to 7 Figures?

You had some great initial growth so far and you are making a great difference in people’s lives, you just know you aren;t fulfilling your standards and you want to hit 7 figures and beyond changing 1000’s of lives.

Your business grew so quickly to 6 figures that you thought it would continue to grow that fast to 7 figures, yet it has stopped growing and all your progress has plateaued.

In this video, you’ll learn the reasons why most coaches don’t get to 7 figures in their coaching business.

I am going to show you the exact strategies that we share with our 7 figure clients at winning international to help them to smash the stunted growth and scale like crazy…

Watch the quick video below to learn the 3 reasons why virtually most 6 figure coaches don’t get to 7 figures:

81% of coaches fail within the first 3 years of being in business!!!

Unfortunately the 19% of coaches that don’t fail, struggle to get past 6 figures with their coaching business for 3 main reasons.

The 3 reasons why virtually most 6 figure coaches don’t get to 7 figures are:

1. Structure

There are so many great coaches out there that help their clients achieve world class results but still can’t grow their businesses past 6 figures. This is because they have the wrong structure in their business. Most of the time they are coaching in a 1 to 1 fashion where they are trading their time for money and can only help 1 person at a time.

In order to grow to 7 figures, you need to have the right structure in place using the 1 to many model. This is where you can set up an online course containing all of your knowledge in a structured and set out place, so that you don’t need to constantly be regurgitating the same information again and again.

2. Scale

In order to scale in your business you need to move up the coaching ladder. It is so important to move up the coaching ladder in the specific order by focusing on a different key element at each level.

However, there is one stage of the coaching ladder, the ‘successful’ stage where you are making more than $5 k per week but trying to make over $10 k per week where the key focus is to scale. This means that you get to a point where you are pushing hard and making $250 k + in your business.

Unfortunately this is where most coaches stop because they are spending so much time in the business trying to grow that they feel if they want to grow any further, they are going to have to spend even more time in the business. This is where coaches do one of 2 things. Firstly the do nothing, and their business begins to die, or secondly they begin to systematize their business too early.

If you haven’t built enough momentum, traction in your business and equity in your brand, then it is not the time to stop growing and try to systematize your business. You should wait until you have reached your growing potential and are making well over $250 k before you start systematizing your business.

3. Team

If you want to have a 7 figure coaching business, you must be able to grow your team, and do so in the right order. What I mean by this, is that most coaches try and hire sales or marketing people for their business first, before anyone else so that they can be replaced and not have to do those activities in the business anymore. This is a mistake because you doing the sales and marketing are the cornerstone of your business and brand, and it is crucial that you continue to do them yourself and take responsibility.

Firstly you should hire for administration, support and operations before sales and marketing. You should be almost making 7 figures before you hire sales or marketing leaders.


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Ryan ‘7 Figure Trigger’ Magdziarz

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