Are Webinars Dead?
by Ryan Magdziarz

Have you been struggling to generate leads with webinars like you used to?

You know that they do produce results…well at least they used to!

You are looking for a new type of marketing funnel and wondering if webinars were still viable.

In this video I’m going to tell you whether webinars are dead or not and what your single next best marketing move is…

Watch the quick video below to figure out whats next for you to explode your lead generation…



However, they are done to death. When webinars first came out, they got great traction. Now people only go on the webinar if the topic is hot and exciting.

It needs to be a specific topic that resonates with people!

Here are some suggestions to make the most of your webinars:

1. Don’t Market Too Far Out

If you market them too early, people won’t attend the webinar because they will have forgotten.

Only market a maximum of 5 days before you want to hold the webinar.

2. Follow Up

Make sure that you are giving value on the follow up emails that you are sending the people that sign up to the webinar.

3. Send Text Messages

Something that will separate you from the rest is sending text message reminders to the people attending the webinars. This will not only increase the attendance at the webinar but will build more trust with the potential client.

4. Have a Solid Topic

Have a topic that is innovative that guides people through a process live, that really adds value and separates you from the rest of the topics that others are using.


Webinars are not the only way to generate coaching leads online, but they do work.

If you are serious about generating leads, I want you to leave a comment below telling me one hot topic that you could run a webinar on.


Ryan ‘Webinar Freak’ Magdziarz

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