Hunting Vs. Harvesting: Marketing Do OR Die
by Ryan Magdziarz

How great would it be if you could have unlimited warm leads with your coaching business that were ALL handed to you on a platter???

At the moment you are networking at events, cold calling and spending way too much time stuck in manual prospecting, as opposed to actually being a thought leader.

You are searching for each sale and it is taking up all of your time and energy, which means that you can’t actually spend time coaching your clients, which is what you love to do…right?

In this video, you’re going to learn the difference between HUNTING & HARVESTING in your business and it will change the way you market forever!

Watch the video below to learn the method that we use to get over 1000 warm leads per month, so that we never have to worry about marketing again!

The truth is that 90% of coaching businesses fail! They fail because they spend too much time trying to make sales because they are using the wrong method to attract leads.

There are so many people out there that don’t understand the difference short term marketing vs. long term marketingThis basically comes down to being proactive instead of reactive.

So there are two different ways to market your coaching business, hunting and harvesting.

Hunting is when you wake up and constantly start searching for your next meal. This may be in places that you have found food before or might be a new environment. Unfortunately there is a lot of luck involved in this method and it is hard work.

This form of marking is very reactive and includes manual marketing, networking, cold calling and relying off referrals. The sad truth is that most coaches become exhausted from trying to hunt for their next sale and end up giving up.

Harvesting is when you are planting seeds, watering, nurturing and growing crops. After you harvest the crops, you then have an abundance of food to last 3, 6 or even 12 months.

The same principles apply in marketing. This means that you need to be running Facebook ads, setting up joint venture partnerships which bring in leads over time, and setting up automation campaigns. This is very proactive and will help generate you multiple leads from single campaigns.

So as you can probably tell, we want to be harvesting our leads and being proactive. You need to make sure that you are building joint venture partnerships, retreats, events and seminars so that you can leverage your time so that you can build an online following.

When you are starting out, you won’t be able to harvest straight away, this means that you need to hunt in the mean time. You need to be manual to begin with because you have to eat, you can’t simply wait 3 months until your next meal.

Here at Winning International we are generating well over 1000 coaching leads per month, which allows us to have a sales team of 5. This is only possible because we have our harvesting methods in place.


I want you to leave a comment below telling me 1 hunting strategy that you are guilty of using at the moment. Secondly, tell me 3 harvesting strategies that you can start using to leverage your business and your sales.


Ryan ‘Sales Sensation’ Magdziarz

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