by Ryan Magdziarz

Do you constantly find that you don’t have enough time to fit in everything that needs to get done in the day?

You are struggling to keep up with your business and constantly exhausted from over working yourself.

You know that you’re working your hardest, but worried you can’t do any more, which means your business might fail.

In this video, I’m going to share with you the 1 productivity hack that will help you get more done.

You are going to learn how to 10x your productivity and never have to worry about exhausting yourself again.

Watch the quick video below to learn how to get 10x more done in a week with this one productivity hack:

One of the problems that we discuss with so many coaches is the fact that they have so many ideas, but don’t execute on any of them.

I would like to share with you the one simple productivity hack that is going to help you get more done and help you get better results.

The second you come with an idea, LAUNCH IT!

It took less than 24 hours for myself and my marketing guru James, to come up with the idea of giving away the steps that you need to implement in order to grow your coaching business to 6 figures. We were able to come up with the idea, write out the steps, send it to the designer, print it out, create a landing page and market the idea, IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!

You may be thinking that if you are constantly doing this and scattering your focus by distracting yourself by focusing on launching your ideas, then you will be distracted from what you really need to do which is growing your business. However, the reality is that marketing and sales are the most important parts of growing your business and if you come up with an idea that is involved in marketing, sales or thought leadership, then it is only going to help improve and grow your business.

The only time this become a problem is if it is going to change the structure of your business model, because as a coach we need to stay focused.

So the productivity hack is this:

Every time I come up with an idea, I count to 4, and then I get up and start implementing that idea!

The moral of the story here is ‘to know and to not do, is to not know,’ which means an idea is only an idea until it’s executed.

Remember your idea doesn’t have to be perfect, just launch it, get it done and let the results speak for themselves.

If you are a serious coach and committed to changing lives, I want you to go below this video and leave a comment stating one idea that comes to mind that you can execute straight away rather than sitting there and pondering the idea.


Ryan ‘Productivity Prince’ Magdziarz

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