How Can Santa Generate You Coaching Leads?
by Ryan Magdziarz

How would you feel if Santa gave you the secret to generating unlimited super highly qualified leads online?

You rock at what you do, but, struggle to find qualified people who see your true value.

You are resorting to finding leads with online and offline networking and know that if you have to continue with manual prospecting the life of your coaching business will be short lived.

In this video you’ll learn how Santa became the leader in his market and how you can do the same.

You’ll learn the 4 keys to how you can easily generate leads online:

Santa Claus has the monopoly on his market because he gives more than anyone else does!

Plain and simple.

The 4 keys to doing this effectively are:


There are 2 main elements of VALUE.

The first is the ‘Topic’.

Have you ever given a bad present at Christmas time?

Maybe to a cousin or even a nephew or niece…

It wasn’t that you didn’t care, you just didn’t quite give them what they wanted. You may have given a gift to an 8yo that was meant for a 5 yo…

Not only would they be disappointed, sometimes they might even cry or get mad…

It wasn’t that you didn’t try, it was that you didn’t give them what they wanted…

In marketing, the same rules apply.

No body cares how much effort you put into you blogs, or your webinar or your lead magnet, if it isn’t what they want to find out about, they won’t engage and your results will be awful.

So make sure that you give good presents by choosing great topics that your niche really want to find out about.


This is short and simple.

It can be best explained by this quote:

“If your free content is more valuable than what your competitors charge for, you will become an industry leader.”


In this day and age effective marketing comes from value, not trickery and specials.

Not to say that specials don’t work, because they do.

However, the base of your marketing should be revolved around giving value and even results upfront!

Are you giving enough though?

Your goal for putting marketing out there is to make sure that people have you in their front-of-mind-awareness.

Think about it;

Isn’t that what large brands try to do with Mass Media Marketing?

TV Ads, Billboards, Radio Ads etc.

You must put up at least 3 pieces of value per week to truly commit to the Santa Value Strategy and get phenomenal results online.


So many coaches and online marketers get disheartened after 1 campaign doesn’t bring them 100 leads…

Meaning that they give up way too early.

There are so many competitors out there and so much crap, that you need to persevere long enough to actually build trust with your audience and come across as the thought leader you are.

Don’t Stop. Ever.

Even if an ad doesn’t give you the return you want, keep providing value for the sake of helping your niche get the results they need.

At the end of the day:


Ryan “Ho ho ho” Magdziarz

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