How To Build A 5 Person Sales Team…From Scratch
by Ryan Magdziarz

How epic would it be for your business and speed of growth if you literally had 5 people selling in your business FULLTIME?

Your business is doing alright, but, you know that hiring a sales team will take everything you are doing to the next level…

Unfortunately you’ve never hired an employee for your coaching business before and you’re not quite sure if now is the right time.

In the video, you’ll learn the exact steps to hiring 5 sales leaders in your business.

I’m going to share with you the secrets of how you can make this happen super quickly, even if you are starting from scratch!

Watch the quick video below to learn how to grow to a 5 person sales team:

Is now the right time for you to start hiring and introducing sales leaders into your business?

I get this question from a lot of our clients who feel like their business is ready to hire sales leaders so that they can leverage their time to continue growing their business.

The honest truth is, it probably isn’t the right time for you to hire sales leaders into your business.

Today, I’m going to cover 3 different aspects that you need to cover before you hire any sales leaders into your business

1. Don’t Hire a Sales Team if You Can’t Sell Yourself

When it comes to hiring people in your business, there are two possible situations: the right situation and the wrong situation:

The Wrong Situation

Most people who hire a sales team, or who want to hire a sales team, do so because they aren’t making sales themselves. If you aren’t even able to sell your own product/course to others, then how do you expect others to be able to do so.

You may say that sales isn’t your strong suit and that you want to focus all of your time and energy on what you’re good at, however, in order to build character and progress up the coaching ladder, you need to master the sales process and tackle your fear of selling.

The Right Situation

The only time that you should hire a sales team into your business is once you have already mastered the sales process yourself and you want to expand your vision. You should be looking to scale, grow and develop your business, and you are now at a stage where you need help because you simply don’t have enough time

It is important that you are able to be a role model for your sales team and be constantly showing them that you have been able to achieve amazing results selling your course, so that you can show them exactly how you did it.

2. Ensure That You Have Enough Leads

Now that you have chosen whether you want to hire sales leaders in the right or wrong situation, the next step is to ask yourself the following question:

‘Do you have the demand for your product, to warrant getting sales leaders?’

This seems like an obvious question with an obvious answer, yet I see so many coaches hiring sales people when they don’t even have enough leads for them to be calling.

When I first started out, I hired a couple of sales leaders to help me out with sales, yet I was getting them to do marketing and client prospecting because I didn’t have enough warm leads for them to be calling. This was a big mistake.

3. What You Need to Know When Hiring a Sales Leader

There are two potential ways that I suggest hiring sales leaders into your business

1. Hire people who will only be selling

2. Hire people who will be sales leaders and coaches in your business

Although the structure is going to be set up a little differently whether the sales leader will only be selling or selling and coaching, it is important that you hire them full time, don’t bring in someone temporarily. The reason is that if you hire a sales leader and/or coach full time you can constantly help them grow and advance through the business so that they because a huge asset for you, your coaching business and your clients.

If your sales leader is focusing solely on sales, you can look into having them as a purely commission based sales leader, meaning that they are only paid for the sales that they make. Because you want them to stay in the business for the next 5 years or so, you want to make sure that they have enough leads and enough potential to be making a great salary for themselves.

If your sales leader is focusing on both sales and helping coach your clients in your business, then I suggest paying them a base salary + commission. This means that they will stay motivated when coaching the clients and have an incentive to keep making many sales. Your sales leaders who are coaching as well also need to have experience in the field so they can morally be giving advice as coaches to your clients about the course you are teaching.


So let’s sum up the key takeaways from this video. Firstly, remember that you should never hire a sales leader until you have mastered the sales process yourself, so that you can be a role model and leader. Secondly, make sure that you always have enough leads for your sales leaders to be calling everyday, because otherwise you are wasting your time and money. Finally, always hire your sales leaders on a full time contract, whether they will be focusing on just selling (paid purely commission based) or whether they are selling and coaching (paid base + commission).

I want you to leave a comment below telling me the date that you are going to hire your first sales leader! Can’t wait to hear about it and see you growing your sales team.

Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Ryan ‘Sales Sensation’ Magdziarz

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