How To Get 5 Coaching Leads A Week From Facebook Ads
by Ryan Magdziarz

How would you like to generate 5 coaching leads from Facebook Ads week in, week out?

You aren’t looking for hundreds of leads, but you would kill for 5 hot leads a week to avoid networking…

You know that manual prospecting is only going to lead to exhaustion and you need a better way!

In this video you’ll learn the 3 keys to launching successful Facebook Ads.

You’ll learn the exact strategy to generate 5 red hot leads every week from Facebook Ads.

Watch the quick video below to never have to worry about leads again:

The answer you are looking for is 3 x 3!

No not 9. 3 campaigns following the 3 rules.

The first thing you need to commit to is launching 3 Ad Campaigns per week.

Whether it be a webinar, blog and video ad, it isn’t that important, however, you need to be trading value for leads a minimum of 3 times every single week.

The 3 undeniable rules to successful Facebook Ads are as follows:

1. Topics

You have to choose topics which resonates hugely with your niche. This is most important, you can’t expect to create engagement if the topic isn’t something that tickles their fancy.

Secondly you must deliver the answers that are wanted which exceptionally great value.

2. Imagery

Imagery is important because it impacts the profitability of the campaign.

The better your ad is, the better your CTR is.

Click through rate or CTR is the % of people who click your ad based on how many people saw it.

E.g. 100 people see the ad, 3 people click it. The CTR is 3%.

Facebook wants people clicking your ads because that way not only are you making them more money, but you are giving their clients (FB Users) content which they are interested in.

Big CTR = Small Cost Per Click (CPC) = Smaller Cost Per Lead (CPL) = Smaller Cost Per Sale/Acquisition (CPA)

This will determine whether or not your campaign is successful!

3. Copy

Your text on your ad will determine the quality of the ads and therefore it’s success.

It doesn’t make or break the campaign and for that reason we call it a complementary key to success.

To summarise, if you launch 3 campaigns per week with great topics which interest your niche, with great images and great copy. 5-10 leads per week will be a synch.

Ryan “Lead Legend” Magdziarz

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