Our 60 Second Process To Creating World Class Ad Copy
by Ryan Magdziarz

How would you like to learn how to write world class ad copy in less than 60 seconds?

You aren’t looking to spend hours learning every in and out of copywriting, but you would like to write compelling copy that works in 60 seconds.

You know that spending too much time writing copy is taking away valuable time you could be using to grow your business.

In this video, you’ll learn the 60 second process to writing world class ad copy!

You’ll learn the exact strategy that we use to create copy that generates us over 1000 leads a month.

Watch the quick video below to start writing world class copy in 60 seconds.

The 4 step process to writing world class copy >> THE P4 Copy Model

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1. Promise Question

You need to have a world class promise. What is the big outcome you want people to engage with in the article. It is best to frame it as a question.

For example: if you’re a fitness coach and you’re doing a webinar on the 3 keys to rapid fat loss, your promise would be ‘how would you feel waking up knowing the 3 keys to rapidly losing weight and achieving the body of your dreams?’

2. Present Problems

What is the problem they have now? Write 2 lines describing the negative outcomes they are having at the moment.

For example: ‘You’ve tried it all, diets,gym, eating healthy and nothing seems to work. You know that if you don’t fix it soon, you are going to loose more confidence, which is something you don’t want to go through.’

3. Promote Solution

Tell your audience what you are going to cover and the advantages of it.

For example: ‘In this free 60 minute webinar, I am going to tell you the 3 secrets that will allow you to loose the weight and achieve the body of your dreams.’

4. De-Risk Pressure

Take away the pressure by making sure they know there is no financial investment and little time investment.

Get them to take a piece of action by telling them to click the link.

To summarize, you can write world class ad copy in 60 seconds if you follow the 4 step process; make a promise to your audience, present their present problems, promote a solution and take away any pressure they may be feeling.

Ryan “Lead Legend” Magdziarz

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