[The 250k Coaching Ceiling] The Mindset Shift You Must Make to Reach 7 Figures
by Ryan Magdziarz

Does your mindset need to change for you to reach 7 figures with your coaching business?

You’re currently making 6 figures in your coaching business, but can’t seem to grow any further.

You want to help more people but your business has plateaued and you are stuck at standing still.

In this video, I’m going to share with you the change that you need to make to grow your business past $250k and start hitting 7 figures.

You’ll learn the mindset that we teach our 7 figure clients to have at Winning International, so they can continue to grow beyond 7 figures.

Watch the quick video below to learn the mindset shift you must make to reach 7 figures in your coaching business:

One of the problems that we see all the time with our clients is that after they grow and spend so much time on their business, they give up and get stuck.

If your mind is already working overtime and you think that more grow is equal = more time, then your mindset changes and your mind says that you are working too hard and you can’t do it any longer.

Because you are working so hard all the time and are in the ‘successful‘ section of the coaching ladder making $10 k per week, you feel like you can’t keep it up because you’re over worked and they slowly deteriorate.

It is important to realize that as soon as you get to the next section of the coaching ladder which is the ‘leveraged’ section, you are going to be implementing systems and operations into your business so that your time is more leveraged, and you have some more time to breath and relax.

So the lesson that you need to take away from this is that once you reach the ‘successful‘ section of the coaching ladder, your number one focus needs to be scaling your business.

Because you are getting so much momentum in your brand and it is continuing to grow and grow through all of the hard work that you are putting in to reach more than $10 k per week, you can now warrant spending time and implementing systems into your business that leverage your time and give you some breathing space.

The mindset shift that you need to make is that when it gets tough you need to keep driving forward and pushing through the storm.

If you don’t get this right then you will never get over the $250 k barrier because you will get to the same stage again, get overwhelmed and fall back down the coaching ladder, push your way back up, get overwhelmed and fall down once more.


Leave a comment below this video pledging that you will push past the $250 k coaching ceiling and push through the barriers by not getting overwhelmed and staying true to your mission.

Ryan ‘Mentality Master’ Magdziarz

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