The 3 Ways That Million Dollar Coaches View The World Differently
by Ryan Magdziarz

Would you like to know how Million Dollar Coaches view the world differently?

You are struggling to get past 6 figures in your coaching business and know your mindset needs to change.

Coaching is what you love doing, but you’re afraid you won’t succeed because you can’t reach 7 figures in your coaching business.

In this video, you’ll learn the ways that million dollar coaches view the world.

I’m going to share with you the mindset and beliefs that 7 figure coaches have, so that you can have them too.

Watch the quick video below to learn the 3 ways that million dollar coaches view the world differently:

After working with over 500 coaches, I’ve noticed that there are 3 things that only 7 figure coaches do, that coaches who make less than 7 figures fail to implement.

If you are able to make these 3 switches now, then your growth is going to speed up and you are going to have a 7 figure coaching business a lot sooner.

The 3 ways that million dollar coaches view the world differently are:

1. Long-term Lens

7 Figure coaches are able to look at the big picture when it comes to their business rather than looking at the short term lens and the immediate results that they are getting. This means that small challenges or hiccups don’t phase them because they are able to see the overall goal and vision of where their business is going and how they are going to be changing lives.

For example if they run a marketing campaign that doesn’t do very well, they are not fazed by it because they are looking 10, 15 or 20 years down the track at the long term vision of the business.

By having a long-term lens you are able to make more effective decisions because you aren’t caught up in all the small and short term results or challenges and are instead looking at the big picture.

2. Logical Standpoint

So often I see coaches hitting a roadblock or a challenge and reacting emotionally. However, 7 figure coaches don’t do this and instead look at the roadblock or challenge logically and find the best solution to help deal with that challenge. They look to learn from the problem and grow from the experience so that they don’t make the same mistake next time.

Furthermore, when it comes to learning something new such as a new marketing campaign, rather than get overwhelmed and emotionally reacting to the task ahead, 7 figure coaches look at the process and tackle it step by step, logically, so they can achieve their results as quick and effectively as possible.

3. Abundance Mindset

This is the biggest and most important state when it comes to having a 7 figure coaching business. Million dollar coaches are not afraid to spend money on their business, whether it be on marketing, sales or employees for the company, they know that money is energy, and see everything as an investment into their business rather than a cost.

As an example, when I first started this business, I would only invest a little bit of money into ad’s and if it didn’t work, I would get worked up about it and move on to the next ad. Now, however, I invest between $20k and $30k per month into ad’s and I am willing to spend $1k or more on an ad idea to see if it works. I look at it this way because I know that it’s an investment into the business and has the potential to bring in more leads and therefore continue to grow the business more and more every day.


So to summarize, if you want to be a million dollar coach then you need to start looking at everything through the long-term lens and not get caught up with every small challenge or problem you have. You need to start looking at your business logically rather than reacting emotionally to any problem that arises or set back you may face. And lastly, you have to look at your business through an abundance mindset and know that you are building this business for the rest of your life and know that spending money on your business is not a cost but rather an investment in your business.

I want you guys to go to the comments below, and tell me which one of the 3 ways above is holding you back the most in growing your business to 7 figures, and I want you to do one action step that will help you get past that stretch point.


Ryan ‘Millionaire Mammoth’ Magdziarz

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