The 4 Factors to Keep Your Clients For Life
by Ryan Magdziarz

How would you like to learn how to keep your clients for life?

You’re clients are seeing great results when they work with you, but often fall off the bandwagon and no longer want to be coached.

You find yourself constantly having to look for new clients because you’re losing your old clients after a period of time.

In this video, you’ll learn how to attract better clients so that you can keep them longer.

I’m going to show you how to keep your clients motivated and enthusiastic, so that they work with you for life.

Watch the quick video below to learn how to keep your coaching clients for life:

As coaches all we want to do is help our clients achieve world class results. Unfortunately if your business doesn’t have the proper systems in place, some of your clients will drop out of your programs and leave you feeling demoralized.

However, I have developed a strategy that will enable you to keep your clients for longer, so they are able to achieve the results they dream of.

The 4 factors to keep your clients for life are:

1. Framework

It doesn’t matter how you are delivering your program to your clients whether it’s through an online course, 1 on 1 or retreats, you need to have a framework set up that will get your clients from start to finish.

What are the pillars and systems that you have set up so that your clients are able to get the exact knowledge they need to achieve their desired outcome.

2. Focus

I think that having focus is the most important factor when it comes to keeping your clients for life. It’s important to have a macro focus and a micro focus.

Having a macro focus is finding out where your client wants to go in the long term and what they want to achieve by working with you. On the other hand, a micro focus is helping your client with the specific and small tasks they need to achieve in order to get the macro outcome they are dreaming of.

3. Family

This is the team and community around you that is helping you go through the process together. Environment is the number one key to success for people that are struggling. If you put people into an environment that is striving and achieving amazing results, it’s only natural for them to start doing the same.

4. Fun

Making sure that your coaching clients are having fun is extremely important. These are the one percenters that can make a difference to your clients. Here at Winning International, we take our 7 figure clients on 4 retreats per year, give them achievement medallions and even have selfie competitions.


So if you are able to not just do, but nail the four factors above, then you will not only be able to attract more clients, you will be able to keep them for life.

I would like you to go below and leave a comment with the one area above that you struggle with the most. Then I want you to list 3 systems that you can put in place, to take that element to the next level.


Ryan ‘Client Keeper’ Magdziarz

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