The Number 1 Secret to Filling Your Events and Retreats
by Ryan Magdziarz

How would you like to easily fill your events and retreats all year round?

You want to start holding amazing events, but you know how hard it is to fill them and don’t know whether it’s worth the investment…

Your retreat plan is freaking amazing and you just want to share your knowledge and experiences with more people…

In this video, you’ll learn the simplest way to fill your events and retreats time and time again.

You’ll learn the exact strategy that we use at Winning International that allows us to hold successful retreats 4 times per year all around the world without fail.

Watch this quick video and enjoy year round retreats for the rest of your life:

I know so many coaches that are great people, with a great vision of helping people, who want to share their message with the world, and get their clients amazing results.

Holding retreats is a great way to not only inspire your clients, but it’s also a great way to get to know each other better and get to know your clients on a more personal level.

The problem is that most coaches want to run these retreats and either don’t know where to start or can’t seem to get enough people to attend.

It doesn’t need to be a complicated process and it should be as fun as possible organizing it, so that you can have a blast with your clients.

The number 1 secret to filling events and retreats is:

You need to stop selling a retreat, and start selling a core product!

What I mean by this is creating a premium product that includes the retreat as part of the product.

Here at winning international, our 7 figure coach course is a 12 month course that promises to get our clients making 7 figures per year for their business.

Because we are selling this results based program, we include 4 retreats per year as part of the program. Every quarter we believe it is important for everyone to get together and discuss their progress, and to give them a clear and concise plan of what they need to do in order to achieve their goals by the next quarter.

The key take away here is to sell them what they want, and give them what they need.

Often coaches can’t warrant taking 3 or 4 holidays per year because they feel like they can’t take that much time away from their business. However, because you are promising them results, they can warrant the investment coming to the retreats and helping improve their business.

To summarize, sell your clients what they want, and get them results by selling them your core product that promises them results. In that program there are 3-4 retreats included per year where they cover their flights and accommodation, but you provide them the venue and the transformational content.


Leave a comment below and let me know if you were to run a 12 month program, what you would do and how you would run your retreats.

Ryan “Holiday” Magdziarz

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