The Reason Why Tony Robbins is the Greatest Coach of all Time
by Ryan Magdziarz

How would you like to know the secret that makes Tony Robbins so successful?

Your coaching business is struggling because you lack a certain something that makes you stand out.

You are motivated to grow your coaching business and help other people; however at time you struggle and get unmotivated.

In this video, you’ll learn the secret to being a successful coach for decades.

I’m going to share with you the secret that you can implement, that has kept Tony Robbins at the top of his games for years.

Watch the quick video below to learn the secret that makes Tony Robbins the greatest coach of all time:

We all know and love Tony Robbins because of his ability to bring out the best version of ourselves. He has been changing the way that people look at life for decades and is the reason that I entered the coaching world in the first place.

While I was in high school, I received some Tony Robbins tapes for my birthday that changed my life forever. His message and teachings were so influential and inspiring that it pushed me to start Winning International and help change lives.

The ONE thing that has made Tony Robbins so successful for the past few decades is CONSISTENCY!

Yes, he is an amazing thought leader, yes he has more passion and energy than most people, and yes his content is phenomenal, but if you look at his career over the last 30 years, you will see that every year he has been delivering seminars and has been from day 1.

The problem that I see with coaches today is that after only 3 months in or so, many coaches give up because they aren’t getting any traction in their coaching business. These are coaches that were committed to help people for the rest of their lives, yet are giving up after only 3 months.

There are only 3 ways that you can possibly fail your coaching business:

1. Quit

2. Deviate from your plan

3. Do nothing

If you look at Tony Robbins, he has mastered these three areas. He definitely hasn’t quit, he hasn’t deviated from his plan of helping people, hence why he is still doing seminars 30 years later, and he takes a lot of action, providing phenomenal content regularly. That is why he is the perfect role model.

Understand that you have the growth in your own hands. If you want to be successful, play the long term game. Remember when you got into coaching you said that you wanted to do this for the rest of your life, so use that to your advantage and don’t deviate from the plan.

Be innovative, consistent and continue to drive growth so you can set yourself up as the pinnacle in your space like Tony Robbins has.

Please go below this video and leave a pledge that you are not going to quit, you aren’t going to deviate from your plan, and you aren’t going to do nothing. This will bulletproof your business for success because they are the only 3 ways you can fail your coaching business.


Ryan ‘Lead Legend’ Magdziarz

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