Your $5 Million Coaching Dream Team Revealed
by Ryan Magdziarz

How would you like to know exactly who you need in your team to take your coaching business to $5 million.

You have a 6 figure coaching business at the moment and want to grow to 7 figures, but lack the team to get you there…

It’s getting to the stage where your energy is depleting quickly and you know hiring is the key to growth.

I’m going to be sharing with you some information that we only share with our 7 figure clients to try and help you reach $5 million in sales.

The structure that you are about to learn is going to help you create the perfect team to grow your business to 7 figures and beyond.

Watch the quick video below to learn how to create your own coaching dream team:

As you may know, 81% of coaching businesses fail within the first 3 years, even if they are making 6 figures a year.

This is both sad and ridiculous. Coaches often get overwhelmed and don’t know what to do to keep growing their business without getting worn out.

I would like to share with you The 7 Figure Scale Structure which will help you make better decisions in terms of who to hire for your business and at what stage.

Normally when coaches make their first hiring decision, they hire someone to help them out with their marketing. Unfortunately this is the wrong decision and marketing people should be the last people that you hire for your coaching business.

The second mistake, and the most common type of people that coaches hire for their business are sales people because they want to avoid doing the selling themselves because it is something that they don’t enjoy.

The different sections that we need to cover in our coaching business are:


This section includes hiring virtual assistants (V.A’s) who are people from other, poorer countries (typically Indonesia, India, Thailand etc.) who you can hire for a lesser amount than you would pay for someone in your country. They can not only help by doing some tasks such as setting up your website or administrative duties, but they can help you in the perform category by making sales and coaching your clients.


This section is all about helping people get results through better coaching and support. This can include helping with some coaching in the Facebook groups and tutorial videos as some extra support for your clients. Hiring coaches is obviously going to be better in terms of coaching because they can help with strategy, however they will cost significantly more than a VA. You should be careful to hire anyone before your business is making $10,000 per week.

You can also hire an Enabler in this section to help you with administrative tasks and operations of your business, so that you can spend more time working on growing your business and helping more people.


This is the section where you are able to hire sales leaders. You should still be maintaining marketing and leads at this point and should not hire any sales people until you no longer have to worry about getting leads for your business. It is a good idea to hire 2 sales leaders at once so that you can really invest in your program and your business and really have some explosive growth at the same time, which is why you need to be making at least $10, 000 per week in your business.


In this section you can finally start hiring people to help with your marketing including videographers, ad experts and copywriters. By having these people as part of your team, you can show have them specialize in marketing to your specific niche, and not worry about the generic marketing strategies that marketing agencies would use that don’t work.


The fifth pillar is ‘Other‘ which includes accounting and setting up basic finance systems to better understand your business. If you are making 6 figures, these should already be set up and I will therefore not be covering them in this video.

Once you have the above structure set up, you should be making well above 7 figures and you can start focusing more on leverage and thought leadership through media and publications.


So guys it is so important that you follow the above structure in the correct order. To sum up everything, you first hire a VA who is cheap and can help with some of the administrative tasks, secondly a coach to help you with the coaching, strategy and structure of your business. Thirdly, after you are making over $10, 000 per week you can begin hiring sales leaders for your business to help call all of the leads that you are getting, and finally help with your marketing including designers, videographers, ad experts and copywriters.


I want you to set yourself a date and leave a comment below of when you are going to do the first hire for your business and also set a date of when you are going to have the whole 7 figure scale structure complete.

Ryan ‘The Coaches Coach” Magdziarz

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